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On top of the world celebrating the heritage of Venice!

My name is Brian Maxwell. I live and work in Brisbane, Australia where I run a business called Heritage Plaster Restoration. My business and passion is the conservation of built heritage using traditional plaster restoration skills, materials and techniques.

I consider myself a little old fashioned as the work I do is careful, considered and hand crafted.  The aim of my conservation work caring for heritage buildings is to replicate exactly the workmanship of original makers or conserve damage and to stabilize the building for another hundred years. This approach is the gold standard of heritage practice.

I’ve developed my skills through study in the UK and Italy. In 2013 I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to continue studying overseas where I attended, for a second time, the European Centre for Heritage Crafts and Professions, northern Italy. This highly regarded institution was established in 1975 to train European artisans in the rare technical conservation skills required to conserve Venice’s buildings. Please see 2013 findings of Churchill Study tour for information on my overseas study in 2013.

My work in Brisbane is well regarded and word of mouth referrals among heritage professionals and building owners ensure I’m kept busy. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to establish a business based on my interests and in keeping with my careful and technical nature.

Brian Maxwell is known to me professionally. As a conservation architect I know from personal experience that his work in the restoration of early plaster finishes is of an exceptional standard. There are no others in Queensland who have anything approaching his knowledge and expertise in the field, and indeed few in Australia. ~ Richard Leonard, Allom Lovell Architects.

Brian Maxwell has carried out successful repair of plaster for Queensland Government House (among other projects) and is highly regarded in the local heritage industry for his enthusiasm for his trade and his concern to use correct conservation practice. ~ Jinx Miles, Department of Housing and Public Works. 

Besides providing physical conservation works I am the Queensland supplier for Western Australian lime putty.

I am also a member of the Australian Chapter of the Building Limes Forum. This is a membership based forum aimed at advocating the use of traditional lime for appropriate conservation work as well as new construction.

Please contact me using sublimeplastering@ymail.com or 0458 211 659.